Make up application - An application is suitable for anybody at any time for any occasion. It may be a special occasion you want to look your very best for or a big night out or even a day at the races. This includes a full Make up and the application of strip lashes if requested any look can be achieved to suit the event and your personal style. I work with you step by step to ensure its perfect for you.

Make up lesson - A lesson would be a more in depth session on a one to one basis, this is perfect for anybody wanting to learn a better technique when applying their own Make up or may even be interested in starting to develop their own skill to a professional level. A lesson is an interactive way of learning to achieve the look you want with the guidance and experience of a professional.

Make up master classes - This can be organized for a corporate event, Salon party or you can attend any available dates I have organized personally. It's a really great opportunity to come with friends, family or colleagues to learn and experiment with make-up and application on each other and yourself. Please feel free to get in touch for further information on holding a masterclass or attend a master class.

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