Bridesmaids, to Make up or make under...?

image1This is the lovley Gabrielle featured in the image provided.  Maid of Honour and Sister of the Bride, from a resent wedding.  I'm sure you'll agree she looks stunning and what a lovely photo as she holds the Brides bouquet and watches fondly on as her Sister takes to the dance floor.  I loved this look on all seven of the bridesmaids on the day and it was adapted accordingly for each individual.

Often a Dilemma for most Brides and the question I so very often get asked.  What kind of look will we have for the Bridesmaids?  The honest answer is it's entirely up to you and the Bridesmaids.  Some Brides are happy for their bridesmaids to be individuals other Brides like a more uniform look.  Either decision is perfectly fine, I always recommend a trial on at least one Bridesmaid before the big day or ideally performed after the Brides trail depending on what suits time wise.  This is a really great opportunity to agree a look with your Make up Artist and Bridesmaids so that everyone is happy and knows exactly what to expect.  It's always important for any bridesmaids when planning a look to keep the Brides taste in mind .  A good Make up Artist will consider different skin tones and types in the group and will adapt the look and products accordingly it is essential which ever look is chosen that the bridesmaids complement the bride and overall theme.  

It's not necessary now a days to match your eyeshadow to your dress color unless you choose to do so.  It's important to pick shades, textures and colours that are complimentary to the skin and eye colour and wear colour that suit an individual as appose to using a colour that suites the theme.  Wedding eye lashes are so important and can make a real impact if applied correctly and worn in accordance with the look.  Lashes should always be used at the Make up trial and discussed and agreed on depending on length and density.  Lashes should be soft and easy to wear and remove.  

A face primer should always be used as this will help the Make up stay put regardless of happy tears or the weather.  I always use Smashbox Photo Finish or Mac face Prep + Prime both are fantastic.

 It's also worth thinking about top up lipstick/lipgloss and possibly powder and who will hold these products on the day to be used when needed.  All these little details will make the morning of the wedding run much smother so you have more time to sit back, relax and enjoy the preparations.  

It's more important that you all feel comfortable, pretty and confident.  I know better than anyone that a good Make up Artist will seek to achieve this for all the individuals involved, always have a professional opinion if possible and your budget will permit, it's so worth it and makes all the difference.

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